Categories Found on the European Pharmacy Blog

There are three categories that are used to organize the articles and educational posts on the European pharmacy blog. The site presents information to promote the health program designed to operate from 2014 to 2020. The focus is to provide people with useful posts and resources to combat the over use of prescription medications and medication addiction, and to encourage participation in a variety of medical screenings. The prescription drug category strives to keep people updated on new drugs, as well as indicate the dangers and side effects of popular drugs.

The prescription drug addiction category includes articles regarding effects of addiction to prescription drugs and how to avoid it. Being aware of early warning signs is also emphasized within posts. Treatment resources and locations throughout the UK are also outlined in one article. The push to educate the masses stems from the epidemic of addiction that is occurring in the United States. The purpose of the organization is to be proactive before the number of addiction cases in the UK reach epidemic proportions. It is currently a serious problem, hence the steps to make people aware of the possibilities. Searching for specific posts, and reading them in private allows people to get information without embarrassment or worry of exposure.

Medical screenings are encouraged but meet with some resistance on the part of patients and workers. An example of a post in this category outlines EU workplace drug testing laws, along with the rights of workers. The importance of medical tests for common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is also outlined in a post. Many STDs have few to no symptoms until the disease worsens. Most are one-hundred percent curable with early detection. Information is provided to let people know what to expect and conditions under which people should be tested. An explanation of DNA testing and genome medical screenings are designed to shed some light on the purposes and benefits of those procedures. Posts are well written, professional, and easy to understand. A wide variety of topics is offered with new posts generated frequently. Site browsers also have the opportunity to check out archived items to learn more about a topic already discussed.

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